Monday, November 12, 2007

Mon, semi-holiday

Mon was another volatile day. Dow was up most of the day but in the last hour sold off, down 55 putting it below 13K. Credit worries continue. Countrywide's existence is being called into question again. NAS was down almost 2% as technology has taken big hits in the last few days. High flying Google pulled back over 100 from it's record levels. Apple, RIMM & other recent NAS high flyers have had similar pullbacks in the last week.

Two of my favorite stocks are Caterpillar & 3M (a member of S&P's dividend Aristocrats group), multinational Dow stocks which should do well going forward. They have low P/E ratios and decent dividend yields, good stocks to keep in mind if they decline.

Asian markets are mixed but down a little tonight. Tomorrow may be another tough day here.

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