General Motors will spend $1B thru 2018 to renovate & expand its sprawling 60-year-old Tech Center campus in Warren, Michigan, adding 2.6K jobs.  The project includes construction of new design studios & a multistory information technology building.  Some existing R&D facilities will be rebuilt & renovated & the Advanced Energy Center, where GM works on battery technology, will get additional testing areas.  GM needs to add talent in areas from infotainment to advanced powertrains to keep up with regulations & competitors’ offerings.  Major automakers are all adding more software & computing power to their cars as they develop driver-assist technology that may lead to autonomous vehicles.  They also must invest in electric-drive, hybrids & other systems to reduce pollution & fuel consumption.  “This is an investment in our people who work at the Tech Center because it is positioning the company for long-term growth by enabling new levels of innovation and collaboration into our workplace,” Mark Reuss, GM executive VP over product development & purchasing, said.  This investment is in line with what it costs to build a factory or develop a line of autos.  But it’s not out of the realm of what carmakers have to spend to build the product-development works & research centers they need to compete.  The stock fell 15¢.  If you would like to learn more about GM, click on this link: